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D.W. Dickey & Son offer a wide range of ready mixed concrete. With design mixes from 50 psi (low strength mortar) to 7000 psi (high performance concrete).

D.W. Dickey & Son supplies design mixes for Ohio-West Virginia departments of transportation, used for paving -superstructure-bridge decks-walls-etc.

D.W. Dickey & Son offer premixed concrete & mortar mixes by various manufacturers for the small contractor or do-it-yourselfer.

Our managers, customer service representatives, and quality control department are always ready to assist you with all your concrete needs.

Delivery hours are: 7 days / week, 24 hrs. / day. With overtime charged before 7:00 AM, or after 3:00 PM, and on Saturday - Sunday - Holidays.

All concrete plants are winterized with hot water storage for cold weather concrete.

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